bpost reports a strong fourth quarter 2014

Fourth quarter 2014 highlights

  • Operating income (revenues) up 2.2% to reach EUR 655.3m (+1.7% organically), partially helped by higher building sales (EUR +3.8m). For 2014, revenues came in at EUR 2,464.7m (+1.1% organically).
  • Underlying Domestic Mail volume decline better than 3 previous quarters, despite continuing e-substitution. Underlying decline at -3.7% and reported decline at -3.1% (incl. 1 more working day). Full year underlying domestic mail volume decline came in at -4.4%.
  • Domestic parcels volume up 7.1% (+7.0% for the full year) helped by a particularly strong Christmas season (+15.6% in December). Fourth quarter revenue growth of +4.9% impacted by a negative mix effect of 2.2% for the first time.
  • Continuing growth in international parcels (EUR +10.9m), in line with the third quarter, while shipments to China slowed down.
  • Costs (excluding one-offs, phasing and transport) down EUR 9.9m organically. Workforce reduced with 664 FTE for the quarter bringing the full year average decrease to 974 FTE.
  • EBITDA up EUR 9.5m or +7.8%, with margin improving to 20% (from 19% in 4Q13).
  • Net profit of bpost S.A./N.V. (BGAAP) for the full year came in at EUR 296.9m.
  • Proposed total dividend of EUR 1.26 gross per share based on 2014 results, composed of an interim dividend of EUR 1.04 (paid in December 2014) and a final proposed dividend of EUR 0.22, subject to the approval of shareholders.
About bpost

bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a parcel and e-commerce logistics provider in Europe, North-America and Asia. We deliver mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and provide logistic services to businesses and consumers. With over 34,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe, bpost's total operating income amounts to 3,837.8 million EUR, while reducing our impact on the environment and the communities around us.

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