bpost reports a strong fourth quarter 2014

Fourth quarter 2014 highlights

  • Operating income (revenues) up 2.2% to reach EUR 655.3m (+1.7% organically), partially helped by higher building sales (EUR +3.8m). For 2014, revenues came in at EUR 2,464.7m (+1.1% organically).
  • Underlying Domestic Mail volume decline better than 3 previous quarters, despite continuing e-substitution. Underlying decline at -3.7% and reported decline at -3.1% (incl. 1 more working day). Full year underlying domestic mail volume decline came in at -4.4%.
  • Domestic parcels volume up 7.1% (+7.0% for the full year) helped by a particularly strong Christmas season (+15.6% in December). Fourth quarter revenue growth of +4.9% impacted by a negative mix effect of 2.2% for the first time.
  • Continuing growth in international parcels (EUR +10.9m), in line with the third quarter, while shipments to China slowed down.
  • Costs (excluding one-offs, phasing and transport) down EUR 9.9m organically. Workforce reduced with 664 FTE for the quarter bringing the full year average decrease to 974 FTE.
  • EBITDA up EUR 9.5m or +7.8%, with margin improving to 20% (from 19% in 4Q13).
  • Net profit of bpost S.A./N.V. (BGAAP) for the full year came in at EUR 296.9m.
  • Proposed total dividend of EUR 1.26 gross per share based on 2014 results, composed of an interim dividend of EUR 1.04 (paid in December 2014) and a final proposed dividend of EUR 0.22, subject to the approval of shareholders.
About bpost

About bpost group 

bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a growing parcel & omni-commerce logistics partner in Europe, North-America and Asia. Our 36,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe connect consumers, businesses and government, by delivering mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and providing e-commerce logistics services. As a people- and planet-friendly company we create long-term sustainable value for our customers and shareholders. In 2020 bpost generated a turnover of EUR 4,154.6 million.

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