22 new double deck trailers added to bpost’s green fleet

22 new double deck trailers added to bpost’s green fleet

Towards more sustainable logistics: the introduction of new double deck trailers (DDT) is an important stage in the company’s journey towards more environmentally friendly deliveries right from the first kilometre.

This year bpost reaches another landmark in its green transition with the arrival of 22 double deck trailers. The new additions augment the current fleet of 16 DDTs, five of which are equipped with solar panels. Some 38 trucks will be hooked up to double deck trailers by the end of 2024.

These green-decorated trailers, which have been gradually replacing the standard trailers at bpost since 2020, will help cut the number of journeys and the distance covered by 30% by 2030, and 40% by 2040. They can each carry 60% more parcels and letters per journey than the largest trailers currently on the road. ​

The 22 double deck semitrailers are equipped with advanced options. Each comes with a movable floor and solar panels on the roof to supply the energy needed to operate the movable floor and the lifting tailboard.

A growing green fleet

The bpost fleet is gradually being adapted to meet the changing expectations of society.

bpost has invested in an electric truck – the first in its fleet – for both first-mile* deliveries and journeys over longer distances. The new truck is expected to arrive in September.

Currently, the fleet of 621 trucks consists of 345 tractors and 276 trucks.

  • 50 of these vehicles are powered by LNG (with the rest running on diesel).
  • We are gradually replacing existing trucks with ones that meet the Euro standard.

The rest of the fleet is made up of 349 trailers, including 16 DDTs. By the end of the year, the total number of DDTs will be 38. bpostgroup plans to procure more than 100 double deck trailers by 2030.

The company currently makes last-mile** deliveries with a large fleet of zero-carbon and low-carbon vehicles:

7.550 sustainable vehicles (45% of the operational fleet) including

  • 2800 bikes and 2550 electric bikes (500 with eTrailer)
  • 1850 electric vans
  • 350 three-wheel electric scooters

bpostgroup aims to be a leader in sustainability. All these vehicles, whose number will only grow over the next few years, make bpost a leading promoter of sustainable logistics. The transition to a greener fleet is key to hitting our goals: reducing our carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieving 100% zero-emission last-mile deliveries.

* first-mile : from sorting centers to distribution centers
​** last-mile : delivery to the final destination, to the customer

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About bpost

About bpostgroup 

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