AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur for people with reduced mobility now even faster and even more efficient

AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur for people with reduced mobility now even faster and even more efficient

The aim of bpost’s free AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur service is to make basic postal services more accessible for people with reduced mobility. These customers may have a disability or some other impairment that makes it harder for them to get around, be that age-related or otherwise. AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur is a service they can use when they need to buy stamps or drop off registered mail to their postwoman or man without leaving their home.

Faster, more efficient, more accessible

People who wanted to use the AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur service used to have to put a poster up in their window. ​ Now they can book the service online or by phone. The new procedure speeds up the process and makes it more accessible for all users.

Now anyone can book the AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur service in one of two ways: by filling out a webform on the bpost website or by calling the contact center. In doing so, they can also specify what exactly they want to do, which ensures that the postwoman or man who drops by always brings the right products, such as postage stamps or a registered mail form. The result is a more efficient, more convenient customer contact, which is better for everyone. And there’s no need to put a poster up in the window.

Jos Donvil, CEO bpost Belgium: “More than 10,000 postwomen and men deliver parcels and letters as part of their mail round every day. At bpost we are very close to our customers and, thanks to ‘AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur’ those who are unable to get to the post office – even for a short while – can count on our support. In doing so, bpost fulfils an important social role.”

The AUB Postbode/SVP Facteur service was first introduced back in 2007 and is available to people in Belgium with reduced mobility. They can get support with basic postal services, such as preparing and sending registered mail, sending franked letters and buying postage stamps. The purchase of stamps is paid in cash. This service is free of charge.

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