bpaid, the card that allows you to be yourself

bpaid, the card that allows you to be yourself

bpost applies its inclusion policy to its products and services : you can personalize your prepaid bpaid card and choose your first name.

bpost makes another advance in its inclusion policy. Starting the end of this year, everyone will be able to choose the first name they want to see on their prepaid bpaid card to reflect their identity. But there’s more: we are also adding a notch to the prepaid card to ensure that blind and partially sighted people can easily find it in their wallet.

Age, first language, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, gender… our society is diverse. ​ Diversity is a fact, inclusion is the choice of bpostgroup. bpost constantly adapts its range of products and services to ensure that everyone is recognized and accepted as they are.

bpaid, the inclusive card

bpost is working to create a more egalitarian society. Everything we do matters. That’s why bpost is introducing a new option for holders of the bpaid prepaid card. Starting the end of this year, they will be able to choose the first name they want to see on their prepaid bpaid card. That might differ from the name recorded in administrative documents. That means people from the LGBTQIA+ community, say, will be able to personalize their prepaid card to reflect their true identity.

Nathalie Deck, Retail Business Development Program Manager at bpost says: "At bpostgroup, we are proud to launch the True Name bpaid card in partnership with Mastercard. We believe that everyone must be able to be themselves and use the first name that reflects their identity."
Sarah Schlitz, Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity says: "Your first name is the first thing you present to the world and it’s often for life. But for some people, the first name assigned at birth does not correspond to their gender identity or their personal experience. Transgender people who have not had the chance to change their legal documents often face discrimination and violence when they present official documents such as a bankcard. I’m delighted to see the development of the True Name project, which shows that business also has a role to play in building a more inclusive society. This project will tangibly improve the daily lives of thousands of people."
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Including blind and partially sighted people

But there’s more: we are adding a triangular notch on the right side of the card to make it easier for blind and partially sighted people to use it. That will enable them to distinguish their bpaid prepaid card by touch and so make contactless payments independently, without need of assistance.

The cards will be available around the end of the year, subject to stocks and the raw materials supply.

“We all have a right to financial products that reflect our true identity. True Name functionality will be offered for the first time in Belgium by bpost, enabling cardholders to personalize their bpaid prepaid card with the first name they choose for themselves. This will remove an important hurdle for some transgender and/or non-binary persons and give everyone the opportunity to use their true name, securely, simply, and with pride,” says Henri Dewaerheijd, Country Manager Mastercard Belux. “Furthermore, by ensuring that all cards can be identified by blind and partially sighted people with the Touch Card, bpost is taking a stance in support of a banking and financial industry that is more inclusive for everyone. We urge the whole industry to apply these standards for everyone.”
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