bpost and City of Namur set up Ecozone

bpost and City of Namur set up Ecozone

bpost and City of Namur have taken another step towards emission-free parcel and letter deliveries. Parcel lockers have been installed at six new locations in the Walloon capital. Additionally, a green fleet (electric vehicles) will be used on the rounds in Namur and Jambes. Retailers and NamurBoutik also support this zero-emission engagement to minimize journeys and help reduce the burden on the environment, day after day. The Ecozone should be fully operational by the summer of 2022.

bpost has always played a leading role in society. Its ambition is to create sustainable business processes and a sustainable corporate culture, not least by reducing its ecological footprint. The City of Namur shares these sustainability aspirations. And in 7 September 2021 it became the pilot city in Wallonia. Namur is working hand in hand with bpost to find innovative solutions for deliveries and logistics in the heart of the city.

Parcel lockers


An Ecozone has now been set up across the municipal area. Letters and parcels will be delivered without emissions based on a dense network of pick-up points (parcel lockers, Post Points, Parcel Points and post offices) and green vehicles (electric vans and bikes with e-trailers). ​

The existing network will be bolstered by new parcel lockers at six key locations, where the inhabitants of Namur will be able to pick up their parcels 24/7, on foot or by bike, always within 400 metres of their home.

In addition to the post offices, Parcel Points and Post Points, there are eight parcel locker locations across Corbeille and Jambes:

  • Place de la Station 35, 5000 Namur
  • Avenue Prince de Liège 57-59, 5100 Namur
  • Rue de l’Ouvrage 25, 5000 Namur
  • Rue Bruno 7, 5000 Namur
  • Rue des Bourgeois 4531, 5000 Namur
  • Rue de la Gare Fleurie 2, 5100 Namur
  • Rue Mottiaux 59, 5100 Namur
  • Place Joséphine Charlotte 3, 5100 Namur
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These new pick-up and delivery options mean that recipients no longer need to take the car and find a parking space when picking up their mail. That benefits the environment as well as consumers. ​ ​ ​

Green fleet

The fleet has been completely renewed to improve ecological sustainability and air quality. Twenty electric vehicles are used to deliver letters and parcels in Namur city centre. Eventually, 62 e-vans will criss-cross the main roads in the postcode areas 5000, 5001, 5002 and the centre of Jambes (5100).

And mail carriers in the region will switch to e-bikes from the summer of 2022.

Active transport, an electric fleet, numerous parcel pick-up points and more: everything has been done to reduce the carbon footprint (fewer vehicles and fewer journeys) while safeguarding a high-quality local delivery service.

bpost and the City of Namur have also joined forces in NamurBoutik, the digital showroom for all Namur retailers. Online orders for delivery in Namur are handled at bpost distribution centres in the Ecozone or are placed in a parcel locker, where recipients can pick them up without having to go too far. That lightens the traffic on the logistics routes to the sorting centres.

“bpost is constantly refining its approach to urban deliveries. We are continually adapting how we work to ensure we deliver letters and parcels in a responsible and sustainable way,” says Jean Muls, CEO of bpost Belgium. “With this new Ecozone in the Walloon capital, in association with the municipal authorities, we improve quality of life in the city based on zero-emission vehicles, soft transport options, a huge network of pick-up points and a partnership with local retailers through NamurBoutik. "
Stéphanie Scailquin, Councillor for Urban Planning, Urban Attractiveness and Employment : “bpost’s Ecozone solution ensures letters and parcels are not transported outside the zone except when absolutely necessary. ​ This has an immediate positive impact on the environment. Similarly, the fleet has been completely adapted and the drop-off/pick-up points have been placed in strategical areas accessible by a whole host of transport options. This also boosts local e-commerce, with the active participation of NamurBoutik."
Petra De Sutter, federal minister of public enterprises and postal services: “This partnership between the City of Namur and bpost is good news! By committing to setting up this Ecozone bpost is contributing to the greening of letters and parcel delivery, a goal that is particularly important to me. The Ecozones make our cities more sustainable and our environment healthier by reducing carbon emissions. They are also good for the health of inhabitants and urban spaces become more liveable when our streets are less clogged. We congratulate bpost on its role as driver in the transition to a more sustainable economy! "

Note to the press: reports and interviews will be possible from July 2022.

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