bpost and the municipality of Jurbise make a joint stand against the digital divide

bpost and the municipality of Jurbise make a joint stand against the digital divide

The inhabitants of Jurbise can visit their local post office for free help with their online administrative chores, particularly accessing the municipality of Jurbise’s online services. This joint initiative by bpost and the municipal authority contributes to bridging the digital divide.

A major role in society

After a successful pilot project, a new partnership between the Jurbise’s municipal council and bpost launches on 3 July 2023. Citizens who find it difficult to access and use internet and have a need for in-person human contact will be able to get assistance at the post office. There they will find bpost members of staff who can help them with their online administrative chores. Specifically, they will be able to get assistance to find the information they need on the municipality of Jurbise’s website and access its online services, such as applying for and requesting certificates proving their civil status, family composition and residence status, as well as extracts from the criminal register.

Citizens do not need to make an appointment in advance, they can simply visit the post office when it suits them. However, appointments are available for those who would like more in-depth one-to-one assistance.

Jan Smets, Director Retail at bpost: “At bpost, serving the local communities is our constant focus. In the Jurbise pilot project, the inhabitants were especially enthusiastic about the human aspect of this digital assistance. The trust our employees inspire every day and the proximity of our post offices are major assets that we intend to capitalise on fully to promote digital inclusion among the greatest number of citizens. More than ever, our social engagement is to continue to be a human face in a society that is becoming more and more digital.”

Digital public services for all ​

Helping bridge the digital divide is a mission that fits bpost perfectly, especially considering the accessibility of post offices throughout the country. bpost is examining other ways to take full advantage of its network going forward to promote greater inclusion in all strata of society. Jurbise is the first municipality in Belgium to enable inhabitants to access its online services at post offices. ​

Jacqueline Galant, Mayor of Jurbise: “Guaranteeing local services for everyone has long been a big priority for the municipality of Jurbise. In this new partnership with bpost citizens will get help with their administrative chores, complementing the many services already provided by our municipal staff. I thank bpost for this initiative, and I hope other entities in our region will follow suit.”
Petra De Sutter, Minister of Public Enterprises, has always encouraged these initiatives: “You can take advantage of post offices to help people who find computers and smartphones a challenge to use. There are large groups of people in our country who find it hard to get things done online, but public authorities and businesses are increasingly switching to digital services. That’s why bpost – which has accessible offices throughout the country – can help bridge the digital divide.”
Post office Jurbise
Post office Jurbise
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