bpost collects 171 tonnes of donations for Turkey

bpost collects 171 tonnes of donations for Turkey

The operation launched by bpost on 21 February ended on 31 March. More than 170 tonnes were collected at our 656 post offices, thanks to the generosity of the people of Belgium. These foodstuffs, hygiene products and blankets have already been taken to Istanbul in nine trucks. Turkish postal operator PTT As took receipt of them when they arrived for distribution to the people who needed them most. A further 11 fully loaded trucks will set off for Turkey in the coming days.

A devastating earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023. bpost was moved to act in the face of this tragedy, and the suffering of the victims and their loved ones. bpost immediately harnessed its logistic expertise and extensive post office network to collect donations of foodstuffs, hygiene products and blankets for people who have lost everything in Turkey*.

Belgium’s 656 post offices swiftly took on the role of drop-off point for the donations of Belgian citizens. Some 171 tonnes of food, hygiene products and blankets were collected across Belgium. Private citizens made 70% of the donations, with the 30% coming from companies like Colruyt, Ecotone and Noé Nature. Everyone has shown engagement and solidarity.

Jos Donvil, CEO bpost Belgium  : "bpost has always been attentive to society as a whole. Mutual aid and solidarity are strong values defended by the company and we can extol the virtues of our logistic strength. This month of collecting donations for the earthquake victims shows us once again that the Belgian people also hold these values dear. It’s incredible. Thank you to all the private citizens who helped so freely, the companies who gave so many products and the bpost employees who made this initiative possible. We are very grateful and touched to have assisted in this tremendous outpouring of generosity."
Hakan Gülten, CEO of PTT As: "I really want to tell you that all the support you are giving us is a major factor in enabling us to get through this tough period and become stronger. A Turkish proverb says: ‘A friend in need is truly a friend’. The fact that you have supported us in every way you can at this time really illustrates this proverb. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and the whole bpost family, from the bottom of my heart for the humanitarian aid you have sent, the friendship and the solidarity you have shown."

Selected figures: ​ ​

  • 656 post offices collected non-perishable supplies donated by citizens
  • 171 tonnes of vital supplies were collected, including:
    • More than 50 tonnes of hygiene products
    • Almost 40 tonnes of blankets
  • 648 pallets constituted and stored at the Ghent X sorting centre
  • 9 trucks have already taken these products to Istanbul, while 11 more will follow in the coming weeks, thanks to the support of ADA Trans and Aras, both experts in transport between Belgium and Turkey.
  • Thousands of Belgians – including YOU – made a donation or relayed information Thank you!

The zones of Ghent, Thimister-Clermont (with Eupen and Welkenraedt), Liege and Antwerp filled the most postal containers. Citizens in neighbouring municipalities donated numerous boxes of foodstuffs, care products and blankets.


* For evident security reasons, donations were not sent to help the victims in Syria. bpost advised citizens to help these people by making donations to Consortium 1212.

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