bpost finalizes the acquisition of Radial

On 16 November 2017 bpost acquired 100% of the shares of Radial after having obtained all necessary approvals from the relevant competition authorities.


In finalizing this acquisition, bpost takes a great leap forward in becoming a leading player in the e-commerce logistics business in the Benelux, Europe, North America and throughout the world.


The acquisition of Radial, a leading provider of integrated e-commerce logistics, perfectly fits within bpost’s growth strategy. It allows bpost to scale its existing US presence and expand its product offering into value-added activities that cover the entire value chain in e-commerce logistics. By entering the e-commerce logistics market, bpost can tap into a larger and more attractive profit pool while benefitting from the high-growth potential that global e-commerce offers.


In addition to gaining an important foothold in the US, Radial, together with Landmark Global, provides a solid platform to offer an industry-leading, cross-border value proposition to our customers in Europe and North America. Radial brings instant scale, credibility and a distinctive set of expertise and capabilities from the advanced US e-commerce market. This will be very valuable in developing end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions in the Benelux and Europe.


Radial is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (USA), and fulfilled over 306 million units for its retail customers across 24 fulfillment centers in 2016. The company also offers integrated services such as omnichannel technology; payment, tax and fraud protection services; fulfilment; last-mile delivery; and customer care for brands and retailers. With this service offering, Radial is largely ahead of its peers in terms of scale, geographic coverage and breadth of services.


The expected normalized annual revenues of Radial for 2017 are forecasted between $970 and $1.02 billion 

The expected normalized EBITDA is forecasted to be between $65 and $70 million in 2017. The acquisition of Radial will be fully consolidated in bpost’s accounts as of November 16, 2017.


bpost Parcels & Logistics Americas will be led by Pierre Winand, who will also continue as President Americas of Landmark Global. Former Radial CEO Matt Espe will step down effective immediately.

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