bpost installs parcel lockers at an additional 70 stations

bpost installs parcel lockers at an additional 70 stations

Partnership between bpost and NMBS/SNCB to be extended and expanded.

A recent bpost market study shows that parcel lockers are the fastest growing pick-up option offered by bpost. Exceptionally easy to use and always accessible, parcel lockers are also the most environmentally friendly choice.

NMBS/SNCB published a tender process with the aim of rolling out this service to stations. bpost won the contract. NMBS/SNCB will strengthen the partnership with bpost over the next five years. bpost parcel lockers have already been installed at 33 Belgian stations. Seventy new locations will be added over the next six months. The stations were selected on the basis of various parameters, such as the number of users, the density of the bpost network in the vicinity of the stations and, of course, the needs of customers.

The stations have experienced significant development in recent years. It’s no longer simply a place to catch a train; now it’s an attractive environment that’s home to various shops and services. Parcel lockers are an attractive complement to the existing services offered at stations. The service is also a good fit with passengers who prefer ecologically sound options, such as rail travel.

bpost is also constantly expanding itsnetwork. The presence of bpost at stations is therefore a rational business decision. It is fully in line with bpost’s mission to increasingly motivate end customers to have their parcels delivered to a pick-up point, the most environmentally friendly option. That’s because picking up a parcel from a parcel locker in a station as part of your commute or other journey cuts the carbon emission associated with delivery by 90%. Stations are very popular locations for passengers, who do not always find it easy to get to another bpost pick-up point. They can pick up their parcels from a parcel locker 24 hours a day.

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Background information:

bpost installed the first publicly accessible parcel lockers in Belgium back in 2011. Parcel lockers are now installed at more than 600 locations throughout the country and have become an integral part of Belgium’s densest network of (2600) pick-up points, which also includes post offices, post points and parcel points.

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