bpost new dedicated provider for 2ememain parcels

bpost new dedicated provider for 2ememain parcels

2ememain and bpost agree partnership. 2ememain now offers a convenient and reliable new service that gives buyers and sellers on Belgium’s leading small ads platform peace of mind when sending and receiving their articles. The new functionality brings user-friendly benefits to both parties. All transactions are completed in a more secure environment, as the shipping service is integrated into the payment system launched by 2ememain in the summer of 2020 (Online Payment Platform BV).

Convenient and reliable

Some 50,000 articles are bought and sold on the 2ememain platform every day. Every article must be swiftly and safely shipped from seller to buyer. The new 2ememain shipping functionality means that sellers can reach many more potential buyers throughout Belgium. As soon as the buyer completes the payment process by means of a “Bancontact payment request“, the seller receives an email with a bpost shipping label for printing.

The seller then simply drops the parcel off at one of more than 2000 bpost drop-off points and 400 parcel locker stations in Belgium. There’s always one close by. Both parties can track the shipment in the My bpost app or in Track & Trace as soon as it’s dropped off.

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Based on its own research, 2ememain estimates that around half of all articles bought and sold on the platform are delivered by post or courier. The new service provides a much more convenient shipping solution for those many thousands of buyers and sellers. 2ememain users pay the competitive bpost tariffs for shipments. For example, shipping a 5kg parcel costs 5.7 euros.

More secure payment

More secure and more convenient payments are obviously hugely important given the large number of transactions on 2ememain. The Bancontact payment request with Bancontact and the Payconiq solution, both of which were introduced last year, mean that buyers and sellers can do business with peace of mind and don’t need to share their bank details. Belgium’s leading small ads platform has agreed a partnership with the country’s leading delivery service and sellers can already take advantage of this reliable shipping service.


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Aleksandra Vidanovski, spokesperson of 2ememain: “Convenience and reliability are keywords and also the main drivers of this partnership with bpost. Making things easier for users so they have no reason not to complete their transaction on our platform.”
Pascal De Greef, head of bpost’s Belgian parcel services: “Our services and our extensive network of pick-up and drop-off points make us the ideal partner for 2ememain, the leading player for the second-hand economy in Belgium. Because convenience is an important criterion when choosing a service provider. We believe in offering a combination of complementary services at competitive rates and we are working with partners to do more of that.”

See https://www.2ememain.be/i/securite/ for more tips about trading securely.

About 2ememain

2ememain was one of Belgium’s first small ads sites when it launched back in 1999. It has grown into a very popular platform, with 42 different sections and visitor numbers continue to grow. 2ememain now attracts around 3 million visitors a month, including consumers, small businesses and large enterprises. Both new and previously owned articles and services are offered for sale on the platform. On average, 70,000 new ads are posted every day. From clothing to collectables, from cars to household goods. Each one of them has the potential to change the world for the better, because these millions of users help create a culture in which people reuse more and throw away less. For more information, see www.2ememain.be

About bpost group

bpost is the leading postal operator in Belgium and a growing partner for parcels and e-commerce logistics in Europe, North America and Asia. Our 36,000 employees in Belgium and worldwide connect consumers, businesses and public sector organizations by delivering letter mail and parcels to homes and offices and providing e-commerce logistics services. We create sustainable long-term value for our customers and shareholders with respect for people and planet. Our total operating revenue in 2020 was EUR 4,154.6 million. For more information, see www.bpost.be.

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About bpost

About bpostgroup 

bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a growing parcel & omni-commerce logistics partner in Europe, North-America and Asia. Our 36,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe connect consumers, businesses and government, by delivering mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and providing e-commerce logistics services. As a people- and planet-friendly company we create long-term sustainable value for our customers and shareholders. In 2023 bpost generated a turnover of EUR 4,272.2 million.


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