Colruyt Group donates goods to earthquake victims in Turkey

Colruyt Group donates goods to earthquake victims in Turkey

Belgian companies bpost and Colruyt Group join forces for charity

The events in Turkey and Syria have not left bpost and Colruyt Group unmoved. The two Belgian companies are therefore joining forces to help the victims in the disaster area. Colruyt Group will start donating essential goods on Wednesday 22 February and can count on bpost to get the goods delivered: last week, the Belgian postal company announced that it will collect and transport goods to Turkey. In total, Colruyt Group will donate 7 full trucks in the coming weeks, accounting for more than 200 pallets of essential goods.

As a people-oriented company and employer of more than 70 nationalities, solidarity is an important factor for Colruyt Group. When disaster struck in recent years, Colruyt Group was ready to help with essential goods - always tailored to what was needed locally. Even now. ​

Christophe Dehandschutter, general manager of OKay, who is leading the project for Colruyt Group: "The events in Turkey and Syria leave no one unmoved. On hearing the terrible news, we wanted to take action for the people and aid workers on the ground. A lot of our colleagues and customers have family and friends there. Our added value as a retail group is in providing essential products, tailored to local demand. Collaborating with bpost is a win-win for all of us in this respect: they had already provided transport and we can now connect to that. We are committed to donating 7 full trucks in the coming weeks and it is great that we can make this donation together with another Belgian company."
Jos Donvil, CEO bpost Belgium: "As a socially responsible company, we cannot be passive in the face of this catastrophe. It is our duty to take action to support the victims. We are deploying all our strengths for this relief action: we have a national network of post offices, allowing everyone to bring in relief goods in their neighbourhood. And like our Turkish colleagues Ptt, we are experts at transport and logistics. We will deploy as many trucks as necessary to collect all the goods and hope to make a difference to the affected families."

Specifically, Colruyt Group will donate nappies, baby milk, wet wipes, sanitary pads and mouth masks, together accounting for more than 200 pallets of essential products or 7 full trucks.

Colruyt Group's first donation was collected by bpost on Wednesday 22 February at the Ghislenghien site.

The bpost aid campaign has been running since Tuesday 21 February and continues until 31 March. More information on the goods collected by bpost at

More video here: loading and closing truck

Image: Veerle Van Mierlo & Christophe Dehandschutter

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