Hasselt, first Ecozone in Limburg

Hasselt, first Ecozone in Limburg

Letters and parcels are now delivered emission-free by electric cars and bikes to almost 55,000 inhabitants of Hasselt. bpost is launching Ecozones in more and more cities – urban centres where zero-emission mail deliveries are made based on an extensive network of pick-up points within walking distance for all inhabitants. Hasselt is set to become the first Ecozone in Limburg.

48 electric cars or bikes with trailer depart on mail rounds from the Hasselt mail centre every day. 90% of the rounds in Hasselt, Sint-Lambrechts-Herk and Wimmertingen are already emission-free. When the outstanding electric vehicles and bikes are delivered, vehicles running on fossil fuels will be banished from the city centre.

Chris Claes, Mail Center Manager Hasselt: “The more zero-emission rounds we can make, the better the air quality for our inhabitants. bpost wants to take a leading role and show other companies in the industry the way to sustainable delivery. In doing so we turn our ambitions into actions. We will make 50% of all deliveries in a sustainable way by 2025.”

As well as zero-emission deliveries, inhabitants can also pick up their parcels at one of the 22 pick-up points, which is better for the environment. Parcels are delivered in bulk to the pick-up points, which are all within walking distance, and customers can pick them up when it suits them. In time, additional pick-up points will be added within the outer circular road.

The Ecozones promote sustainability in virtually every way, by reducing traffic, which in turn reduces noise, carbon emissions, air pollution, damage to road surfaces and more. Ultimately this improves people’s quality of life.

Some figures for 3500 Hasselt/Sint-Lambrechts-Herk and 3501 Wimmertingen

bpost green fleet

  • 39 e-bikes including 6 with trailer
  • 48 electric vehicles

Network of 22 pick-up points

  • one post office
  • 5 post points
  • 7 parcel points
  • 9 parcel locker locations
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