NEW: bpost Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis: sending your letter to St Nicolas set to be a magical adventure

Replies to all letters addressed to St Nicolas through St Nicolas office and new Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis

St Nicolas traditionally calls in bpost to help to reply to the avalanche of mail he always receives. This year again: children everywhere can count on getting a reply. But this time round they will be able to choose to send the letter to the St Nicolas office or to bring it by hand to the new Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis, where they will receive an immediate reply. The Holy Man and bpost have come up with a modern-day solution that ensures children of all ages who write a letter to St Nicolas have a magical experience.

Everyone who sends a letter or drawing to St Nicolas in good time can expect a reply thanks to the Saint’s little helpers at bpost.

The new Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis is coming to you

St Nicolas has chosen a new way to correspond with children this year. He’s doing that with a striking red parcel locker setup, with screen and lockers full of surprises: the Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis.

When they drop off their letter at the Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis children will see an immediate message from St Nicolas, straight from his office. They will also get a written reply from the Holy Man together with a small gift in association with such partners as Lotus, Spa, Twist and Drink, Leonidas, Hansaplast and BelOrta. The Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis will go on a tour of most of the provincial capitals to bring a sprinkling of festive magic to children all over Belgium (see schedule below).

St Nicolas Office opens its doors

St Nicolas receives thousands of mail items every year, including drawings, rhymes, wish lists and more. His helpers at the St Nicolas Office will be standing by between 7 November and 15 December to reply to every single one.

The official address is: Sint, Spanjestraat 1, 0612 Hemel. These letters do not need franking. To ensure they get a reply, children should always write their return address on the back of the envelope or in the letter.

Teachers (year 3 of nursery and years 1, 2 and 3 of primary school) can also help their pupils write a letter to St Nicolas for sending together with their works of art. They will receive a reply addressed to the whole class.

Jos Donvil, CEO bpost Belgium: “St Nicolas is a traditional part of the cultural identity in Belgium. Replying to letters addressed to St Nicolas is a job that fits bpost perfectly. This time we wanted to take the magic to the next level by introducing children in a fun way to another channel alongside red letterboxes and post offices. The Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis is an innovation inspired by the operation and design of parcel lockers. Rolling out this new concept, our main hope is that, with bpost’s assistance, St Nicolas is able to bring a smile to the faces of even more children.”

Not for publication

Like to write a piece about the new Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis? See the schedule below. You can make an appointment with Fanny Mindombe – – tel: +32 491 348 132

The Saintnicolis/Sinterkluis is coming to the following cities:




8/11 and 9/11


Docks Bruxsel shopping centre

15/11 and 16/11


Leuven station

15/11 and 16/11


Namur station

17/11 and 18/11


Les Grands Prés shopping centre

17/11 and 18/11


Quartier Bleu shopping centre

22/11 and 23/11


Bruges station

22/11 and 23/11


Ghent Sint-Pieters station

25/11 and 26/11


Médiacité shopping centre

29/11 and 30/11


Brussels Central station

2/12 and 3/12


Grand Bazar Antwerp


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