New stamp and parcel tariffs from 1 January 2024

New stamp and parcel tariffs from 1 January 2024

bpost adjusts its stamp and parcel tariffs on 1 January 2024 to offset some of its rising costs due to inflation and the decreasing mail volumes. Loose Non Prior stamps will rise from €1.39 to €1.46 each (or €1.43 each for a sheetlet of 10 stamps). Loose Prior stamps will rise from €2.17 to €2.27 each (or €2.24 each for a sheetlet of 10 stamps). The cost of sending parcels will also be adjusted. Tariffs may also rise by an additional 3% in the course of 2024, if inflation rises faster than expected.


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New stamp tariffs from 1 January 2024

There is a distinction between Prior and Non Prior tariffs for shipments within Belgium:


Non Prior stamps (delivery within three working days):

€1.43 (in set of 10) | €1.46 (loose)


Prior stamp (delivery next working day):

€2.24 (in set of 10) | €2.27 (loose)


In January 2024 the franking tariff for a standard shipment sent within Europe will rise to €2.66 when buying five or more stamps and €2.78 for loose stamps.

The international tariff for shipments to non-European destinations will rise to €2.88 when buying five or more stamps and €3 for loose stamps.

More than 82% of customers currently opt for a Non Prior stamp to send their mail. More than 99% of customers pay the lowest tariff by buying a stamp sheetlet (10 or more stamps).

The average tariff rise for 2024 across all domestic mail products will be around 4.9%. The tariffs may rise again by 3% in the course of the year, if the pivotal index is exceeded two or more times in 2024. In the event of this second tariff increase, the weighted average increase for 2024 would ​ be 6.7%. The average impact on the monthly household budget is very limited, at around 13-18 cents.

The cost of sending parcels will also increase. However, there are cheaper alternatives for private individuals, such as buying and printing a shipping label online and dropping off parcels at one of bpost’s 3000 drop-off points. Customers can calculate the franking price at

Revised tariffs for parcels sent at the end of the year

The sorting centres, roads (logistics), the bpost network (including post offices, post points, pick-up points and parcel lockers) and delivery services are very busy during the end-of-year period between Black Friday and Christmas Day.

In order to offset the extra costs incurred during this period and help spread out demand, all customers that ship parcels during the end-of-year peak (between Black Friday and Christmas Day) will be billed a surcharge of €1 per parcel.


Note :
​Stamps purchased in 2023 or earlier can continue to be used.

​Stamp values are expressed in franking units rather than euros. Stamps with different franking units are available for each destination (Belgium, Europe, Rest of the World). Unit 1 and unit 2 stamps are valid for an unlimited time, even after price rises.
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