New stamp tariffs from 1 January 2022

New stamp tariffs from 1 January 2022

bpost adjusts its stamp tariffs on 1 January 2022. Loose Non Prior stamps will rise to €1.19 from €1.10. Loose Prior stamps will rise to €1.89 from €1.60.

This tariff adjustment partly offsets the rising costs of delivering each letter due to the big reduction in mail volumes (31%* over the past five years) resulting from the increasing popularity of digital communication. This price adjustment means that every citizen can continue to rely on a high-quality universal postal service without the need for state subsidies.

New stamp tariffs from 1 January 2022

There is a distinction between Prior and Non Prior tariffs for shipments within Belgium:

  • Non Prior stamps (delivery within three working days):

              €1.16 (in set of 10) | €1.19 (loose)

  • Prior stamp (delivery next working day):

              €1.86 (in set of 10) | €1.89 (loose)

The franking tariff for a standard shipment sent within Europe will rise to €2.09 when buying five or more stamps and €2.23 for a single stamp.

The international tariff for shipments to non-European destinations will rise to €2.31 when buying five or more stamps and €2.45 for a single stamp.

More than 80% of customers currently opt for a Non Prior stamp to send their mail. Some 95% of customers pay the lowest tariff by buying a stamp sheetlet (10 or more stamps).

The average tariff rise for 2022 across all domestic mail products will be around 4.7%.

The average impact on the monthly household budget is very limited at around 12 cents.

Customers can calculate the franking price at


*estimated net volume decline for Transactional mail products, 2017-2021e

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