New stamp tariffs from 1 March 2018

bpost will adjust its tariffs for domestic mail on 1 March 2018.   

As of 1 March 2018, stamps for standardized mail items within Belgium will cost € 0.84 when buying at least ten units. The price per unit will be € 0.87 when purchased individually.

Stamps for standardized mail items within Europe will cost € 1.30 when buying at least five units and € 1.36 per unit when bought individually.

The international tariff for sending mail items outside of Europe will be € 1.52 when buying at least five units and € 1.58 per unit when bought individually.

Tariffs across all domestic mail products will rise by around 4.7% on average in 2018. As provided by law, this price rise takes into account the inflation and the annual mail volume decline and allows bpost to guarantee a high-quality affordable universal service throughout Belgium.

The impact on the postal spend per household remains very limited and is estimated at approximately € 1.6 per household on an annual basis. 

As shown in the comparison below, the new tariffs place bpost in the middle bracket of European mail operators, below the average price of a domestic stamp in the EU (€ 0.91).

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