New stamp tariffs from January 1, 2020

New stamp tariffs from January 1, 2020

The impact will be very limited, with an average rise of € 0.21 in the monthly household budget.


Belgians are sending fewer and fewer letters, but the service remains qualitative and affordable

In less than 10 years bpost has lost a third of its mail volumes. The adjustment of the stamp tariffs partly accommodates the rise in fixed costs, caused by the sharp fall in mail volumes, and guarantees every Belgian an affordable universal service without subsidy from the Belgian state.

In line with previous years, tariffs across all domestic mail products in 2020 will rise by around 5.1% on average.

Furthermore, with a rise of € 0.21 the average impact on the monthly household budget will remain very limited and in line with the European average for comparable services in other countries.

Customers tend to pay the cheapest tariff

To guarantee consistent service quality and respond better to customer expectations, bpost introduced both a Prior and Non Prior service for sending domestic mail, on January 1. Every customer, anywhere in Belgium, is able to choose between a Prior stamp (next working day delivery) and a Non Prior stamp (delivery within three working days). The possibility of next-day delivery of letters throughout Belgium remains thereby guaranteed. 

Today, more than 80% of customers choose a non-prior stamp when sending mail. 95% of customers buy a sheet of stamps, thereby choosing the cheapest tariff.

New stamp tariffs from January 1, 2020

On January 1, 2020 bpost will adjust its stamp tariffs. For domestic mail sent within Belgium there is a distinction between Prior and Non Prior.
Non Prior stamp (guaranteed delivery within three working days): € 0.98 (per stamp, for 10) | € 1.01 (per stamp) 
Prior stamp (guaranteed delivery the next working day): € 1.18 (per stamp, for 10) | € 1.21 (per stamp)

The tariff for a standardised item to an address within Europe will be € 1.61 apiece and € 1.55 when at least five stamps are purchased.
For items to an address outside Europe, the international tariff will be € 1.83 apiece and € 1.77 when at least five stamps are purchased.

Customers can calculate the price themselves at (page in Dutch).


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