The price of the postage stamp in 2015

From 1 January 2015 the discounted price of postage stamps for domestic mail will rise by two cents. The price for individual postage stamps remains the same.

From 1 January 2015, for purchases of ten or more postage stamps, a postage stamp for a normalised mail item within Belgium will cost €0.72 rather than €0.70. The price per stamp is unchanged at €0.77 in 2015.

The price for standardised international mail rises from €1.07 to €1.10 (within Europe) and from €1.29 to €1.32 (rest of the world), provided five or more stamps are purchased. The prices for individual stamps for international mail rise from €1.17 to €1.20 and from €1.39 to €1.42.

The new prices apply to all mail sent at the standard rate. On 1 January bpost will also adjust its prices for the sending of large mail volumes covered by an agreement. On the whole, the average price rise for all domestic mail products for 2015 will be approximately 1.5%.

The price rise is an adjustment connected with major investments to further modernise the mail and parcel organisation and hence continually improve service quality. Average on-time mail delivery was over 96% in 2013, compared to 95% in 2012.

As shown in the comparison below, the new prices put bpost in the middle bracket of European postal operators (in the chart the foreign operators' rate increases for 2015 are included only if they have already been communicated).

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