4Gold brings in Active Ants to boost its performance

4Gold brings in Active Ants to boost its performance

Dietary supplements are booming business. Belgium’s 4Gold is proof of that. 4Gold is a healthtech start-up that has developed its own proprietary DNA analysis software. That opens the door to personalised dietary supplements – a gamechanger because every individual metabolises nutrients differently.

Or in 4Gold’s words: “We’re not satisfied with 99%; we always want to be the best in everything we do. All with one goal in mind: ensuring you can get the best out of yourself.” And that’s exactly what Active Ants does for 4Gold: ensure their business performs at the top of its game.

Brent Luyckx, CEO & cofounder of 4Gold: “Our business model is exclusively based on online sales. We partnered with Active Ants because we can no longer process everything in time due to our spiralling volumes. We could no longer guarantee quality and rapid response. Active Ants minimises our lead times. To top it all, boxes are printed in full colour.”

In its role as automated e-fulfilment partner, Active Ants is responsible for all 4Gold’s logistics processes. That allows the folks there to focus exclusively on growth, business development, marketing, social media and customer contacts. So they are in a much better position when it comes to upscaling.

Brent is delighted with the rapid, reliable service. Recently, he was complimented by a customer who ordered products at 23:50 at night and received them at home the next morning at 8:30. “Fast response times, far-reaching automation, various ways to personalise boxes – these things enable us to take the next step in personalisation, from our supplements to our boxes,” says Brent.

When cofounder and professional cyclist Mathieu Van der Poel earned the yellow jersey in last summer’s Tour de France, the design on the boxes used to ship 4Gold products were updated in no time. 4Gold customers began receiving boxes printed with a design celebrating that yellow jersey as early as the next day. Even Van der Poel was impressed by that performance.

Veerle Van Mierlo Spokesperson, bpostgroup


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