A new portrait of His Majesty King Philippe featured on stamps

A new portrait of His Majesty King Philippe featured on stamps

On 12 June 2023 bpost issues a new stamp bearing the image of His Majesty King Philippe to celebrate his first 10 years on the throne. The King’s portrait is set off with a gold crown. The sheetlet, which also features key moments from the past decade, goes on sale at eShop today.

The first 10 years of His Majesty King Philippe’s reign are marked with a new limited edition 10-stamp sheetlet. The King’s portrait was taken at the Palace by photographer Bas Bogaerts. It is embellished with a gold crown. The golden royal adornment was created by bpost’s graphic designers to add a festive, elegant touch to the issue.  

5 important moments

His Majesty’s reign is illustrated by five photos positioned below the stamps. Education and young people, a subject close to our sovereigns’ heart, is the theme of one of the photos on the sheetlet. The deep bond between the King and heir apparent Princess Elisabeth is also illustrated. The other three photos were taken during King Philippe’s historic trip to Congo in June 2022, during the royal couple’s visit to the Tomorrowland festival, and in a new A400M military transport aircraft with Prince Gabriel.  

The sheetlet (€13.60) is available at bpost’s eShop and major Post Offices from 12 June. 

Philately, a royal life 

This special issue is the latest in a line of stamps celebrating memorable events in the life of His Majesty King Philippe.  

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The first time the present monarch appeared on envelopes was in 1963. The then 3-year-old Prince Philippe was immortalised on stamps devoted to the centenary of the International Red Cross. The photo of the toddler in salopettes was used on a 40c+10c stamp. A stamp from the same series depicts him in a family portrait reading a book, flanked by his parents Prince Albert II and Princess Paola, the future King and Queen.  

Philatelists were delighted with two further photos of the heir apparent in 1999. That was the year Belgians celebrated the engagement of the Duke of Brabant, as he was styled at the time, to marry Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz. Two stamps were issued to mark the occasion: one of the couple and a sheetlet of the couple flanked by their respective parents.  

On his 40th birthday in 2000, Philippe of Belgium was the subject of a special issue. His portrait was painted in watercolour by Anne Velghe, who had in the past painted the portrait of His Majesty King Baudouin, among others.  

In 2002 photos taken by Christian Lambotte at Laeken Castle were selected by the Palace and bpost for an issue to mark the first birthday of Princess Elisabeth.  

There was also a special stamp issue to celebrate the 50th birthday of His Royal Highness Prince Philippe in 2010. A bearded Duke of Brabant is depicted in front of a Belgian flag. 

The King’s enthronement was suitably commemorated by bpost 10 years ago. A special sheetlet issue depicted King Albert II and Prince, soon to be King, Philippe sitting side by side.  

In April 2020 citizens of Belgium could frank their mail with a special issue stamp marking a special event: the monarch’s 60th birthday. 

As well as these special stamp issues, King Philippe is also depicted on regular stamps.  


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