A touch of the unexpected for your mail

A touch of the unexpected for your mail

A record, glow-in-the-dark stamps, round stamps, Belgian surrealism, astonishing sculptures and Belgium’s first crypto stamp: the 2024 stamp collection has plenty of surprises.

Philatelists, art, geography and history lovers, and explorers will be thrilled with the 2024 stamp collection. bpost unveils 19 special limited-edition issues.

The eye-catchers of the 2024 collection

The year’s first will be Belgium’s first crypto stamp! But what is a crypto stamp actually? A crypto stamp is split into two parts: a physical stamp and a virtual image, or, in other words, its “digital twin". They are stored on the blockchain and you can collect them all. All the practical details regarding the crypto stamp will be the subject of a later announcement.

Besides this innovation, 2024 also marks a historical milestone for bpost's Stamp Printing Works. Every year various squares in a specific Belgian city are honoured with an engraving. This year the focus is on the city of Arlon. This is a landmark issue in more than one way, because it will be the last time a sheet will be printed on our Gravure & Intaglio printing press. The characteristic sound of this four-colour printer will no longer echo around the building.

And bpost goes on a record hunt. With the issue celebrating 150 years of the Universal Postal Union, bpost is taking a shot at the record for the stamp with the most words. With -symbolically- 2024 words, the stamp is a real tour de force anyway.

Full timetable

The 2024 collection launches on 21 January with stamp issues celebrating Belgian history and innovation. The topics:

  • Iconic motorbikes. Marvel in some of the most celebrated Belgian two-wheelers in history: Four-cylinder 1912 FN; 1903 Piedboeuf; 1941 Socovel; Lt Fabry’s 1926 “World Tour” Gillet Sport and 1955 Saroléa Atlantic.
  • A sheetlet in a very special shape showcases various bandstands in Ghent, Bruges, Péruwelz, Brussels and Verviers.
  • A special topic deserves a special effect and that is certainly the case for the surprising glass art issue. Designed in partnership with the Musée du Verre in Charleroi and the GlazenHuis in Lommel, the sheetlet changes colour when a transparent film is placed over it.
  • Familiar with Bakelite? Did you know it was invented by a Belgian? Leo Baekeland is honoured on a sheetlet highlighting a selection of objects of particular radiance.

Three issues are scheduled for 2 April.

  • Species threatened by extinction are immortalised on a sheetlet devoted to endangered underwater life. The varnish on the image and the sheet of this Europa issue makes it look like fishes are swimming.
  • How do waterbirds win each other over? Their special courtship displays are the subject of a sheetlet designed by Joris De Raedt.
  • Contemporary dance is brought to life by five Belgian choreographers/companies that have earned a lot of success around the world: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Platel, Michèle Noiret and Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté.

Four special stamp issues go on sale on 10 June.

  • “Victory. Together we’ll make history”. The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in Paris from 26 July to 11 August. In support of the Belgian athletes that are set to compete there, bpost has designed a special “Embrace” symbol for our Olympics team.
  • Belgium’s leading representative of impressionism, master of light Emile Claus, is the star of a special issue featuring 10 of his works in a book of self-adhesive stamps.
  • 150 years of the Universal Postal Union surely warrants an issue? And a record attempt to mark the occasion: 2024 words on a stamp! ​
  • The flora of Brecht Evens adds a touch of poetry and spring to stamp albums and envelopes.

Towards infinity and beyond, from 26 August 2024!

  • Mail addressed to the Universe should be franked with special round stamps. The James Webb Space Telescope is orbited by various planets, including Venus, Mars, Earth and the Moon. The stamp sheet looks like a giant postage stamp.
  • What could be more fitting than highlighting luminous nature with glow-in-the-dark ink? Five different stamps sparkle brilliantly in the night sky.
  • A sculpture by “Fantastic Tom Frantzen” with bronze-effect embossing is the star of the mails.
  • The special perforations throw the sheetlet, devoted to 100 years of “Belgian surrealism”, into fitting relief!

The last 4 issues of the year will follow on October 21.

  • Murmur of the stars is a profound reminder of little angels who leave us too soon. Perinatal bereavement (the loss of a child during or shortly after birth) is taboo for many, but the aim of this new stamp issue is to allow people to talk about it.
  • The cryptostamp
  • The squares of Arlon
  • And let's not forget the Christmas stamps of Belgium and Europe, also available from Oct. 21. This year's theme is "Merry Christmas Animals," a cartoon version of friendly reindeer

Last but not least, the hen harrier on the electoral stamp is by André Buzin. It goes on sale on 2 April 2024. ​ The new booklet of 50 stamps designed by Marijke Meersman is on the theme of tree leaves. Release date is 10 June.

Previews of the stamps can be viewed at https://press.bpost.be/en/media/album/23733. All stamps will be available to buy at https://eshop.bpost.be/fr from the issue date.

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