bpost and social partners have approved the new collective labour agreement

The social partners and bpost management today unanimously approved in the joint committee the new collective labour agreement for 2016-2017. The agreement is the result of constructive social dialogue between all parties.

The new collective labour agreement provides for a number of important measures to increase purchasing power, such as increasing the face value of meal vouchers, topping up the end-of-year bonus and higher refund of commuting expenses. An agreement has also been reached on measures to promote employment. Among other things, management made commitments to avoid compulsory redundancies for the whole duration of the collective labour agreement. New employees will also be given more training and support.


Koen Van Gerven, CEO of bpost, said he was very satisfied with the agreement. "The approval of the collective labour agreement proves that the social dialogue with our partners really works. The agreement enables us to continue to work on the company's growth ambitions with the full commitment of our employees."



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