bpost enables its customers to choose where and when they receive the goods they ordered on line.

From now on, parcels will be delivered to homes on Saturdays too. bpost already has more than a hundred parcels lockers where addressees can pick up their parcels when it suits them best.

bpost offers its customers so many ways to receive their parcels. Delivery to home or work by the postman or -woman remains the best known and most popular method among addressees. From November bpost will also deliver parcels from most senders on Saturdays.

The other well-known method is picking up the parcel at one of the 1250 pick-up points (a post office or a PostPoint). Addressees can do that themselves or ask someone else to pick it up for them.

The third channel, which bpost now offers nationwide, is parcels lockers. There are already more than a hundred lockers across Belgium where addressees can pick up their parcel when it suits them, 24/7/365. They have been set up at busy locations like train stations, department store car parks and large post offices. Find them at find a parcels locker in your neighbourhood.

Koen Van Gerven, CEO: "bpost has big ambitions on the fast-growing parcel market and wants to capitalise on the many opportunities offered by e-commerce and the increasing number of international mail items."

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About bpost

bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a parcel and e-commerce logistics provider in Europe, North-America and Asia. We deliver mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and provide logistic services to businesses and consumers. With over 34,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe, bpost's total operating income amounts to 3,837.8 million EUR, while reducing our impact on the environment and the communities around us.

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