bpost helps recover stolen cycles

bpost has developed a product that can identify and track down stolen bicycles. Cycles equipped with the product will thus be less attractive to thieves.

bpost has put CycloSafe on the market since 15th September. CycloSafe is a security cylinder with a chip that is easy to attach to cycles but very hard to remove.

Owners can register their CycloSafe-protected bike at www.CycloSafe.be. They can report it stolen or missing at the same website.

Post delivery staff are able to locate all bicycles equipped with CycloSafe protection using a scanner, while the police can also detect a CycloSafe-protected bike that has been reported stolen.

bpost launches the service in Bruges, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven, four cities with a very high bicycle theft rate, where a select number of post delivery staff will locate bicycles that carry a CycloSafe. The service will be integrated into mail rounds on a systematic basis in other cities as soon as bpost has completed the necessary preparations. When bpost receives an occasional report of a missing cycle elsewhere, post delivery staff will also scan the cycles in that neighbourhood.

The relevant police zone will be notified automatically as soon as a missing cycle is found. The police can identify missing cycles at that location and will contact the owner.
Cyclo Safe has been developed with Zetes, the Belgian company for automatic identification, that is charged with the production of the device and the recording of the bikes' localization data.
CycloSafe is available at www.cycloSafe.be for 29.99 Euros, as well as at selected cycle shops. The price includes the first three years' subscription to bpost's detection service.

CycloSafe is an initiative that fits in with bpost's strategy of offering new products and services that capitalise on the local knowledge and presence of post deliver staff throughout Belgium.


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