Chris Peeters appointed as CEO of bpostgroup  

Chris Peeters appointed as CEO of bpostgroup  

On the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Board of Directors of bpostgroup has appointed today Chris Peeters as the new CEO of bpostgroup, for a period of 6 years.

Chris Peeters (who is 56) grew up in Zonhoven (Limburg) and holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Leuven in Belgium.   

Before joining Elia Group in 2015 as CEO, Chris ran the business consulting activities of Schlumberger in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. Prior to this, he spent 14 years at McKinsey (seven of which as a partner), specializing in the energy sector. During the first 10 years of his career, he launched an engineering firm and manufacturing company, and was also active as a sales and technical manager for part of Europe at Hoogovens Aluminium.   

In 2021, he was named Manager of the Year by the financial-economic magazine Trends for being "a hardworking manager with vision, who keeps both feet on the ground and quietly moves a lot of things, reconciling the interests and expectations of different stakeholders.”  

Under his leadership, Elia Group has grown into one of the most innovative grid operators in Europe, with a strong focus on sustainability, digitalization and international collaboration.  His expertise and visionary outlook on the future have greatly contributed to the transformation that Elia Group has undergone in recent years, becoming a socially relevant company that plays a central role in the energy transition in Belgium and Germany.   

In his role as CEO, Chris will continue the transformation of the Belgian postal operator into a leading global e-commerce logistics player, with a strong presence in Belgium and ambitions in sustainability. Additionally, he will need to ensure the group's future and growth.  

Audrey Hanard, Chair of the Board of Directors: "The appointment of Chris Peeters as the new CEO makes me proud and gives me great confidence for the future. Together with the Board of Directors, I am convinced that Chris fully meets the profile's requirements and that with his experience, competencies, and vision, he possesses solid assets to lead bpostgroup and tackle the challenges of the future. He is enthusiastic, capable and experienced in a company closely linked to the Belgian government and with strong societal relevance. And finally, Chris has an impressive business track record.  

​On behalf of the management, the Board of Directors, and all employees of bpostgroup, I warmly welcome Chris and look forward to our future collaboration.”  
Chris Peeters, future CEO of bpostgroup: "I thank the Board of Directors for their confidence. I am proud to take on my new role soon. After eight intensive years, Elia Group is on track to achieve a successful energy transition and future. The time is ripe for a new phase in my career and with bpostgroup I will be able to lead in a sector that deeply interests me and that is undergoing major transitions in a rapidly evolving international context. I sincerely admire the resilience that the company and its employees have shown in the past and appreciate the huge potential it has. Together with the Executive Committee and all the teams, we will build upon the solid base and the many strengths to reinforce bpostgroup's position as a leading e-commerce logistics player in Belgium and the world.” 

The entire Board of Directors thanks Philippe Dartienne for his intensive and active role as interim CEO for the group in this transition period.  In the past months, Philippe has remained a constant force within a company that has gone through turbulent times, and he, along with the Executive Committee, has managed to ensure the continuity of operations and achieved solid financial results. Philippe remains CEO ad interim for bpostgroup until Chris starts and afterwards, he will continue to act as interim CEO of the E-Logistics North American and Eurasia business units. Koen Aelterman remains CFO ad interim. 

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About bpostgroup 

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