Information Regarding Press Distribution Contracts

Information Regarding Press Distribution Contracts

The Belgian government has issued a public tender for the concession of newspaper and periodical distribution in Belgium for the period 2024-2028. Candidates, including bpost, submitted their offers in June 2023, and the Belgian government must now assess the validity of the received applications and confirm which candidate(s) it intends to proceed with in the process.

On Saturday, November 25, 2023, bpost learned through the media that, at the end of the tender process, its competitors PPP and Proximy were reportedly selected to its disadvantage. PPP for the distribution of newspapers and Proximy for periodicals. bpost affirms it has not been informed of any decision by the Belgian government, which, in turn, stated that no decision had been made by the Council of Ministers.

bpost hopes to receive clarifications promptly. The company continues to ensure the distribution of newspapers and periodicals, as per the current contract.

Chris Peeters, CEO of bpostgroup: "Although many questions remain and arise, we remain focused on our work. The year-end peak, a busy period for bpost, has just begun. Delivering parcels, letters, newspapers, and periodicals remains our priority, and we intend to do so with the quality our customers are accustomed to. The well-being of our employees is equally important. We have always positioned ourselves as a socially responsible employer. We take our responsibilities seriously. We have also initiated a dialogue with social partners, and together, we continuously monitor the situation and maintain ongoing consultation."

bpost will communicate as soon as new information becomes available and the situation permits.

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