Koen Van Gerven new CEO of bpost

The Belgian Government has decided, on unanimous proposal of bpost’s Board of Directors, to nominate Koen Van Gerven as the new CEO of bpost.

Koen Van Gerven, 55, has been working for bpost since July 2006 and is member of the management committee of the Company. He has been in charge of the important transformation of the retail network. During three years, he has led the ICT department. Up till now he was responsible for all sales and marketing activities in Belgium for mail products and solutions, for the banking activities and other financial products.

Koen Van Gerven graduated as Master in Business Engineering at University of Leuven and holds a M.B.A degree of Cornell University (USA).

Mrs Martine Durez, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of bpost, declares : "Koen Van Gerven has all required leadership talents and experience to lead bpost. We are delighted that the internal candidate, who knows the company since more than 7 years and who has been proposed by the Board, has been appointed CEO.

We confirm the present Strategic Plan and Koen Van Gerven has re-assured that he will continue to implement the plan, as well as search new growth opportunities.

The close collaboration between management and the Board, and the constructive social dialogue with the representatives of the workers remain of utmost importance in the process.

We also express once more our gratitude towards Johnny Thijs for his commitment and leadership during the past 12 years. We wish Koen Van Gerven success for the future."

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