Lidl to install new parcel lockers at 15 stores

Lidl to install new parcel lockers at 15 stores

Lidl is to install new parcel lockers at 15 stores in Flanders and Brussels where online shopping from Lidl and other retailers can be picked up. Some 5,000 shipments have been delivered to parcel lockers at six of the supermarket chain’s stores every month since 2019. Lidl now wants to shift up a gear by adding 15 new locations to its parcel locker network. For Lidl the online store, parcel lockers and bricks-and-mortar stores complement each other perfectly.

21 stores with pick-up point

The first three parcel locker sites opened in 2017, with a further three added in 2019. The supermarket chain has now decided to shift up a gear in association with bpost, by opening parcel lockers at fifteen new locations. “Currently, five thousand online orders are delivered to parcel lockers at our six locations every month. That has prompted us to start using this delivery system more intensively,” says Lidl spokesperson Isabelle Colbrandt. Twenty-six parcel lockers, which do not consume any electricity, will be installed at the entrance to each store. Orders from the Lidl online store’s range of 3500 non-food products can be delivered here by bpost, as well as any other parcel. They can also be used to send parcels. Shipments from are delivered within 72 hours for just €3.99. Some parcel lockers are accessible 24/7, others during store opening hours, depending on where the lockers are located.

Online en offline complement each other

Says Isabelle Colbrandt: "An in-house study shows that one in three customers shops at Lidl after picking up their parcel.Furthermore, 82% of respondents want to use parcel lockers in the future.” B y gearing up the project Lidl primarily strengthens its supermarket network. The online store, parcel lockers and bricks-and-mortar stores complement each other perfectly.

Delivery made simple, efficient, sustainable

The discounter selected bpost’s integrated system as its parcel locker solution. “We opted for a simple, fast, efficient delivery method. Customers place and pay for their order in an online store. Next they register in the free My bpost app using their email address. Once the parcel is delivered, the customer is able to open the right parcel locker using the app,” Isabelle Colbrandt explains. “We are now launching in these 15 municipalities where we know there is a lot of demand and going forward we’ll assess whether we’ll install parcel lockers in additional municipalities in Brussels and Wallonia.”

Logistics partner bpost groups the shipments by parcel locker site and delivers them all together. That means the CO2 emissions for these shipments are lower than if they were delivered in the traditional way.


Here’s a list of the new pick-up points:


  1. Aalst - Burgemeestersplein 20
  2. Elsene- Rue Gray 138
  3. Erpe-Mere - Gentsesteenweg 8
  4. Gent - Fratersplein 11
  5. Hasselt - Kempische Steenweg 144-146
  6. Korbeek-Lo - Vlinderlaan 2
  7. Melle - Brusselsesteenweg 73
  8. Sint-Niklaas - Plezantstraat 231
  9. Tienen - Moespikvest 11
  10. Wilrijk - Jules Moretuslei 95-101
  11. Roeselare - Westlaan 269
  12. Zottegem - Buke 50
  13. Genk - Hooiweg 95
  14. Vorst- Van Volxemlaan 290/294
  15. Merelbeke - Hundelgemsesteenweg 43

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