“Together stronger”: bpost donates 25,000 euros to the Solidarity Care Fund

“Together stronger”: bpost donates 25,000 euros to the Solidarity Care Fund

In January 2021 bpost issued a limited-edition stamp in response to the covid-19 pandemic under the slogan “Together we are stronger”. At the time, the company announced that a percentage of the revenue from the sale of the stamp would be donated to the King Baudouin Foundation, specifically the Solidarity Care Fund. Virtually the whole issue has now sold out and the Fund, which supports projects that benefits residential care institutions, is set to receive 25,000 euros.

The pandemic has clearly shown the important role bpost fulfils in society. During the various lockdowns people started to send greetings cards to their loved ones and people who were left isolated. By delivering letters and parcels bpost was able to help people to stay connected in this period of reduced social contacts.

bpost also brings people closer together with these solidarity stamps. The thematic covid stamp highlights the continuing battle “together” against the virus. bpost donates 30 cents to the King Baudouin Foundation’s Solidarity Care Fund from the sale of each and every one of these stamps. The limited-edition issue is now virtually sold out.

bpost is keeping its promise by donating 25,000 euros to the King Baudouin Foundation’s Solidarity Care Fund. This Fund was set up in the spring of 2020 with the aim of supporting residential care institutions – including hospitals, residential care homes, care for the young and institutions for people with a physical or mental disability – during the pandemic. These institutions play a key role in fighting the virus and the long-term repercussions, which are primarily of a mental nature. The Fund has already raised 2.25 million euros for projects with the aim of re-establishing safe social contacts, improving awareness of infection prevention measures and dealing with mental or physical exhaustion among care staff, among other things. bpost’s donation will help the Fund support more of this type of initiative.

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